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General Dentistry

At Dr. John Kostides DDS, we know that your health is fundamental to a happy life. We also know that your ideal weekday afternoon probably doesn’t include sitting in a dentist chair wearing a bib. We get it. However, when you come into our office, we do our best to make you feel relaxed, have a little bit of fun, and ensure that your oral health is on track so that you can get back to those activities you love.

We’re a proactive bunch. Your six-month checkups and teeth cleanings are important for preventing tooth decay and more serious issues, such as gum disease, from springing up down the road. We can tell a lot about your overall health just from these visits and are dedicated to making sure that both your smile and your future are bright.

We enjoy building lasting relationships with our clients as we care for their smiles throughout the years. Whether you’re a new patient or a familiar face, we’re happy to welcome you to the Merrillville Family Dentist community with open arms.

Care and Checkups

Regular check-ups are essential to good dental health. They are also an easy way to avoid any extensive treatment later on by taking care of problems before they become serious and costly. Dr. Kostides can help you plan future check-ups based on your specific needs and your appointments will be scheduled to ensure regular maintenance and care. Our goal is to help you maintain healthy teeth and supporting structures throughout your lifetime! Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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